Thank you for building your company in a way that allows us insight into so many different facets of culture. The writing quality is excellent and often (for me) helps me understand complex topics. I will be a paid subscriber - cancelled my subscription to NYT many moons ago, and this is helping fill that void. Keep up the great work.

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It’s been strange to watch the narrative struggle over Flexport as an employee. This is the first article I’ve read where the author focuses on the culture of the org, which was absolutely missing from the discourse. Good reporting and welcome back Ryan.

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On Google and antitrust: it's funny that this is happening now, when it feels like the time is ripe for a new entrant into search, because Google's quality has deteriorated to the point of near-uselessness for many applications.

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Mike, I am surprised about the outcome of this story and the internal feedback on Clark and his Amazon team. Do you think the takeaway here is that for every scale up looking to hire experienced operators need to be extra careful to analyze the role of player vs the role of system they operate in for their success (like the conversation around the patriots and tom brady, edelman and the patriots, etc)? Or even, right player wrong system?

Clark spent 20 years working on Amazon's logistics network with one of the top founders in the past 30 years or possibly ever. The fact that he would bring and surround himself with B, or even C, players and not adjust the strategic direction of the company given the new macro environment is at least surprising - looking from a distance.

What is your analysis?

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Enabling StarLink in Crimea for the purpose of guiding weapons of war against Russian assets ... what can go wrong; oh let me count the ways:

1. You turn your company into a hard target.

2. Every other country considers your product a weapon, and you an arms manufacturer.

3. One fine day, the war will end, but you may be excluded from operating in the countries of some of the former combatants, and their allies.

4. Russia has satellite killer technology, and StarLink is particularly vulnerable here.

5. Russia, her allies, and any Russophiles may consider you, your assets, your employees, and perhaps their families as valid targets for retaliation.

Its late, how many other possibilities have I missed?

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Mike, your writing is beautiful. Each article with the picture at the top is a work of art. I want to buy a book filled with the stories and pictures.

You make art.

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Thoughts and prayers to Sanjana for having to sit through that legislative monstrosity.

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Elon is the Karen that we needed all along.

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Another banger, Mike. Long live Flexport. I was blown away last year when he just went out, looked, and took action. It really goes to show you how easy it can be to solve some problems when someone steps up to the plate.

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Cell phones can be just as addictive as cocaine and other drugs; research shows a decrease in brain gray matter. People need to know the truth.


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