What a letter Mike! I reside in India, but letters like yours keep me updated with all the sense and non-sense. Absolutely love it!

Pls keep it up.

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This is getting out of hand: it mirrors the early days of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis—extremists were given a free hand and what the public accepted was rolled out at scale. We have to reject this widening Bidenazi lawfare or we’ll all end up cowed or in prison.

Regarding the racism and shareholder value destruction of ESG, if Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street weren’t the dominant shareholders this kind of wanton vandalism at the Board level would be triggering huge shareholder lawsuits.

But the enemies of America have already succeeded in closing the loop of the US Government: “Civil Rights” legislation and regulations : ESG : Huge Funds Managers. Every player helps every other player to big servings of power and money.

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The DOJ stuff is terrifying.

America’s criminal legal system is generally built on making almost everything illegal, then trusting police/FBI/DOJ to only go after the ‘right’ people.

America’s civil regulatory system is generally built on making almost everything *maybe illegal*, with regulators able to open incredibly burdensome investigations at will, which companies must settle for vast sums of money.

Both those principles give virtually unfettered discretion to prosecutors and regulators. And because the Constitution never really envisioned extremely broad criminal liability or a vast regulatory administrative state, there are not very robust checks there. Prosecutors and regulators function more or less as enlightened despots within their domains. A new crop of politically ambitious ideologues, as it happens almost all on the Left, are now using those positions as platforms to harm political enemies. And because of the way the system’s been built (see above), their conduct is generally legal and will not be stopped by judges.

O brave new world, that has such people in it.

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This is the best! How you simplify and cull meaning from all the noise. And in such a funny, matter-of-fact way. Your words ring sweet with the clarity of truth. You are the innocent pointing at the king and declaring that he isn't wearing any clothes!

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Those were Rangers and EMTs of the Pyramid Lake Paiute nation, not the state of Nevada. This makes the encounter all the more glorious. Tribal sovereignty 1, Global activism 0.

And in his short press release, the tribe's chairman, James Phoenix, was keen to emphasize the protesters' non-local origins: 1 from California, 1 from Washington, 2 from New York, and 1 globetrotter from Malta. Taylor Sheridan couldn't have staged a better set piece.


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🗨 In the hands of individuals with a faith in the small-l liberal virtue of an autonomy of mind, and the small-c conservative virtue of human community, generative AI is a gift of extraordinary good. In the hands of the Nudging State and the Nudging Oligarchy, generative AI is a superpowered sociopath-in-training.



PS Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Which is a reasonable go-to heuristic when granular info is lacking to deduce more precisely. The ballyhooed sensitivity readers are most blatant offenders, awkshoolly trafficking in not much more than deep-seated stereotypes 🤸

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Great commentary as always Solana. I continually alternate between laughter and tears over the shitshow that passes for the societal train wreck that we are viewing in real time.

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One of my favorite things: laughing at idiots who can’t tell games apart from real life.

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The app is still not banned and is now spending liberally on advertising on FoxNews.

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NPCs complaining about NPCs. 🤡🌎

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How long until Elon points the rockets at Washington DC?

The ineptitude and transparency of the deep state makes me laugh every time...

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